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'Yello! My name is Svetlana, I am 20 years old, born and raised in Philadelphia though I now live in Vegas, born in late December, my favorite color is pink and second fave is yellow, and I absolutly love cats! Big and small!

Jordon and her Momma, Yvette. 

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Jordon King. Yvette’s daugher.

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Anyone remember my sim Yvette King? I sent her back to CAS and here she is again with a daughter!

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Anyone Know Where To Find A Goddamn Football Uniform?!

And not boring fucking soccer… FOOTBALL!

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Can’t stop listening to this, been trying to find this version for awhile! 

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Started a game in Twinbrook,made four sims so far, recent BFFs Yolanda Lincoln(Dreads) and Krystal Warner, and childhood BFFs Xavier Lincoln and Antony Rice.

Wanted a picture with X and his sister, but couldn’t find poses for it.

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Dylan had been trying to contact Kasim ever since the day Chris found out about them, but he kept ignoring her. She had tried blocking her number, as well as calling from a different phone, but as soon as he heard her voice he would hang up. She had even tried sending insulting texts and DM’s to his Twitter account, in hopes of getting a rise, but he wasn’t responding to any of it. She had considered showing up at his house, but knew with the way he was acting, that he’d just slam the door in her face. Kasim’s refusal to talk to her was really getting under her skin. It was making her feel like he had only pursued her because she was with Chris, and now that Chris was out of the picture, he was no longer interested. Dylan was not going to allow Kasim to destroy her relationship with Chris and then cast her aside like garbage. She was going to continue to harass him until he spoke to her, because she was not the chick to be dismissed.

One afternoon, while Dylan was out engaging in some much needed retail therapy she spotted Chris on the other side of the street, walking with some girl.

Dylan’s blood was boiling as she raced across the street to confront him. She knew what she did with Kasim was wrong, but goddamn… it hadn’t even been a month and this muthafucker had already moved on?! Thinking back to the night when she found her supposedly “faithful” man playing strip poker with those two hos, Dylan figured that whoever this girl was, she had probably been in the picture all along. If there was one positive about Dylan, it was the fact that she owned who she was. There was nothing she hated more than a hypocrite.

She ran up behind Chris, purposely digging her nails in his arm causing him to wince in pain as he spun around.

Dylan: What’s up, Chris?

She was ready for a fight. However, the wind was knocked out of her when she came face to face with Chris’ companion.

Dylan: What the hell are you doing with him?

Dylan then looked over at Chris, bewildered and angry.

Dylan: Is this for real?! You break up with me, she disappears on Kasim, and now I find the two of you out here together. What the fuck are y’all doing together?!

Chris: I don’t have to answer to you!

Dylan: You dirty ass bastard! You’re fucking with her now?! You’ve probably always been fucking with her?! Kasim couldn’t find her, but you can. I don’t believeyou had the nerve to get angry at me about what I was doing?!

Dylan then directed her anger on Angel.

Dylan: And YOU! You got these stupid niggas thinking you’re so perfect, walking around like your shit don’t stink, but from where I’m standing you ain’t nothing but a ho. Is this why you left Kasim? He’s worrying about where you went and you’re creeping with Chris!

Screaming and arguing was not Angel’s style, but after finding out that Dylan and Kasim had been sleeping together, Angel had a few choice words of her own for Dylan.

Angel: Why I left Kasim is none of your business and coming from you, being called a “ho” is a compliment. Suddenly you’re so concerned about Kasim being wronged? Do me a favor and spare me the fake outrage, because I’m sure you couldn’t wait until I was out of the picture so you could step in to lick his wounds - among other things.

Dylan: I don’t know who this bitch thinks she’s talking to, but Chris you better tell her-

Angel: I’m talking to YOU and Chris don’t have to tell me nothing.

Dylan: First of all, you all up in your feelings, mad at me like I’m the only one Kasim was fucking. Kasim is community dick, boo. He’s fucking ev-e-ry-bo-dy! And the only dumbass that didn’t know about it was you!

Chris: Dylan, what do you want? Why are you coming over here fucking with us? Haven’t you caused enough damage? Why don’t you just go somewhere and leave me alone.

Dylan: So now you’re taking up for her?! Fuck you and this homely bitch.

Angel: It’s alright, Chris. You don’t have to defend me. Actually, I feel bad for you, that you wasted so much time with someone like her. You could have done so much better.

Dylan lunged at Angel, but Chris quickly stepped between them, grabbed Dylan and spun her so Angel was out of reach.

While Dylan was going crazy, screaming profanities and trying to break free of Chris’ hold, Angel was barely fazed. She didn’t want to cause a scene, but Angel was no slouch. Growing up an army brat with two brothers, she knew a thing or two about defending herself. If Dylan thought it would be an easy fight, she was going to be in for a rude awakening.

Angel: It’s ok, Chris. Let her go.

Dylan couldn’t believe that Angel was challenging her.

Dylan: Oh you wanna act brave?! Get off me, Chris!

Chris kept a firm grip around Dylan’s waist. He couldn’t believe Angel was challenging Dylan either. Chris didn’t know what Angel was capable of, but he was very aware of how well Dylan could fight. Back when they first started dating, Dylan attacked Chris’ ex-girlfriend. The fight cost the girl a hospital visit, 7 stitches and a black eye. He was not letting Dylan anywhere near Angel.

Dylan was squirming and writhing in his arms trying to break free when Chris yelled at her.

Chris: Will you calm down?! Damn! Stop it! You can’t fight her! She’s pregnant!

I was just like,

Then, I was like,

Dylan needs to take her slut ass home! Gonna call somebody else a ho… And that’s a hell of a plan! Annoy the hell outta him until he calls you…Genius!

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After meeting Devin, Kasim got back in his truck with a smile on his face - something that hadn’t been coming easy as of late. Just as he put the truck in gear, his phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID on his dashboard and pushed a button on his steering wheel to answer it.

Kasim: Hello

Gabrielle: Hello, Kasim. This is Gabrielle. Did you forget about me?

The soft and flirty purr of her voice came through the speakers and filled his truck, making him smile for the second time that day.

Kasim: Naaaah, I didn’t forget about you, Gabrielle. How you doin’? I’m sorry I didn’t get at you sooner, but I’ve been caught up with some personal stuff and I figured you’d call me if you still needed the computer fixed.

Gabrielle: Did you ever find Angelique?

Kasim: Umm, yeah. I found her.

Gabrielle: Oh… ok. Is everything alright?

Kasim was a little taken aback by the inquisition, although she wouldn’t have asked if he had never involved her in the first place. He answered her question, but kept his response short and sweet.

Kasim: Everything’s cool.

Gabrielle: That’s good. Well… I still need my computer fixed. So when can you come by to take care of me- it?

Her slip up didn’t go unnoticed.

Kasim: When do you want me to come by to take care of it?

Gabrielle: If you aren’t too busy, can you stop by tonight?

Kasim: I probably won’t be able to fix it tonight, but I can take a look at it.

Gabrielle: Ok, so come look at it.

Kasim: I can be there around eight. Text me your address.

Gabrielle: Nine is better.

Kasim: A’ight, then I’ll be there at nine.

Gabrielle: Hi, you made it! I’m so glad you didn’t have any trouble finding the house.

Gabrielle: Oh my goodness, please excuse my attire. My air conditioning stopped working and this heat is just unbearable!

Kasim stood in shock, unable to believe his good fortune as Gabrielle fanned herself and babbled on about some shit he wasn’t even listening to. First, he’d met Devin with her delectably round, firm and fat ass that he intended to hit from the back as often as he could. And now he had a prim and proper school teacher standing in front of him looking like a teenager’s wet dream. Was it humanly possible that his day could get any fucking better?

COME ON,NOW! Yes, she wants it bad, we get it! She knows it, HE knows it, WE know it, and I sure her neighbors gonna know it in a minute! No need for her to be dressed like that. 

Some bitches lack modesty…

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Puff Puff Pass… A Pothead’s Posepack

There are two sets of poses, one made sitting on couches and the other on the floor, with a few standing poses thrown in for good measure. I made this to be used with the blunts from my I Get High - Drug Paraphernalia set. The decorative blunt and regular/tipsy omsp’s were used in all the pics. The poses were made with male rigs, so the blunt doesn’t fit perfectly between the female’s fingers in most poses. Creatively angle your shots and it should be fine. The hand in pose 15 was made to fit around the beer bottle from ATS’ Irish Pub Set.

Do not upload, claim as your own or ad link to my shit. Enjoy. =)


Mocha, you doing your thing with these poses! And girly is gorgeous, you gotta a name for her?

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Got A New Avatar

Went with the colored version.

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